Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
September 16, 2015 shamanadmin

Shamanic Pet Journeys

Investment up front: $220 . This package give you one initial healing journey and two (2) follow up journeys for you beloved pet.

Preparing: Be clear about what you are hoping the outcome will be for your pet situation.

How it works: I journey to the Power Animal who works with pets and we call in your pet to the journey world where the power animal does healing work and has a conversation with your pet about whatever is bothering them. We will do as much healing as we can while we’re there. We will also gather information from your pet about what is going on for them. I email you that journey.

After the Session: The client is encouraged to get back to me about how things are going so we can fine tune the issues and check in again.

Follow up: There are 2 follow ups with this package.

Soul Retrieval

Investment up front: $120 for up to an hour. Most soul retrievals are between an hour and an hour and a half.

Preparing: The client needs to be clean and sober for at least 24 hours for best results. Having a willing and open heart is very helpful.

How it works: I journey to the Spirits for the way I can assist. The Spirits give me the ages of the soul parts that left for some reason and are willing to come home along with any other matters that would benefit from healing. I email the client all that information and if there is some healing work to be done for the client that the Spirits feel would be helpful and healing,that is done in the journey. The client feels in about how they resonate with the journey. We set up an appointment for the session of Soul Retrieval.

The client calls me at the appointed time and we begin. It’s best if the client has a headset if we are doing this long distance.( Clients are more than welcome to do this in person in Austin.) I will be rattling and taking the client on a guided visualization of the journey. Usually other issues come up while we are in that space and we will take care of them as well, as we are guided. I take my time to make sure the client is getting everything Spirit desires for their healing.

Follow up: After the session the client can contact me with any question or concerns (this rarely happens),however, i’m available for answering questions. We also can set up another appointment in a few months for more work as needed. It’s best to wait a few months for the soul parts to settle in.

House Clearings

Investment up front: $100

Preparing: The client is clear about what they desire the outcome to be.

How it works: I am able and willing to do these on the property (if you live in Austin) and at a distance.. I journey to the house, bring my Spirit helpers, see what’s there to heal/clear, take spirits to the light, whatever Spirit feels is needed to clear the house, car, people, pets.

Follow up: The client lets me know what’s going on and if more work is needed.

Private Sessions:

Investment up front: $120 per hour (up to an hour)

Preparing: The client needs to be clean and sober for at least 24 hours and open to healing work, sincere in their desire to be well and have a joyful life.

How it works: I journey to the Spirits and ask how I may assist. This could be Soul Retrieval, De-possession, Extraction, Past Life Contract clearing, Unraveling Curses or any combination of the above. When I get the information, I email the client with the journey and we decide how best to proceed. I am able to do this over the phone as well as in person. These sessions are also guided visualizations with a rattle. I take the client through whatever healing they may require in a gentle and profound way.

Follow up: The client is encouraged to call with how life is going for them and to feel free to ask me questions/concerns around what might come up for them.


Investment up front: $50.00

Preparing: The client needs to be clear in their questions. It’s best to ask “what do I need to know about__________?” (instead of yes or no questions).

How it works: I journey to the Spirits and ask for assistance in your request. I then email you the information.

Follow up: There doesn’t seem to be a need for follow up with this service.


Investment up front $100, in Austin

Preparing: The happy couple lets me know what’s important for them in the ceremony.

How it works: I journey to the Spirits for them, and ask for a gorgeous, heart centered ceremony that’s very engaging.

Transition Ceremonies:

Investment up front : $120

Preparing: Many of these ceremonies are for people “passing over” and the preparation takes place in the journey for the client in transition. The family members contact me for assisting in that process of “making the way clear” and connecting their loved ones with family members who have already crossed.

How it works: I journey to the Ancient Grandmothers to call the person in transition forward. When they arrive (a part of their free soul comes to meet me) we talk about their transition. Often times family members still living will come forward (their free soul) and we have a conversation around letting go, usually. The Grandmothers will call in the relatives, pets, friends who have passed to greet the person in making the way loving and welcoming. When the client in transition is ready to move on, the Ancient Grandmothers take care of this transition providing a loving space to “cross over”.

Follow up: The family usually calls when the person has passed and most often says how the spirit of their family member came to visit.

This is quite profound, often intense and moving. I believe it’s some of the best work we can provide these days.


Investment up front: $100 (in Austin)

Preparing: The clients lets me know what they are desiring for this blessing.

How it works: I usually go to the place of the blessing and drum and rattle good spirits in for the blessing requested.. I work on the land, building, everyone involved to bless everything.

Follow up: There is usually a feeling of “well being and lightness” after the ceremony.

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