Hi Everyone, I created this page for telling and sharing stories I have written, along with friends who’ve submitted stories as well. Please visit the link to my Youtube channel for storytelling here.

I find that writing these stories from a prompt has opened me up more than I know. As I read the stories back to myself, I was emotional and that felt like the story triggered a memory in me from another time. I’m sharing these in hope that you might feel some healing from them as well.

I think we all have amazing stories inside of us we’re unaware of, alongside the life stories we live. Sometimes these hidden stories open doors to a part of ourselves we’ve kept a mystery. I’m offering to read your stories here as well so we all can be a container for each others life experiences. We’re all connected. I also have included some poetry I’ve written on the channel and I hope no one is offended by my sense of humor. My intention is to promote healing and laughter. Laughing at yourself is great medicine.

Please enjoy what you hear… share the channel for others to have some insight in a different way, and feel free to send me your stories that are about 5 minutes long, non-violent and contain no sexual content.

Thanks so much,

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