The Undefended Heart
September 16, 2015 shamanadmin
I’d like to start this article with a quote.

The following lines are from Dzogchen Ponlop…”our sense of appreciation and empathy can expand to encompass the entire world and everyone in it. But first we have to be willing to open our heart…when we open our heart, we expose who we are to the world. It is an act of courage to be who we are in any situation, without retreating behind a barrier. In ordinary terms, being open could mean we are defenseless, at risk of being attacked. It would follow, then, that without some kind of defensive system in place, we are inviting trouble. This is so ingrained in us that we often react defensively even when we don’t know what we are protecting; it may simply be our neurosis. Nevertheless, this shield must come down on the spiritual journey…

Dzogchen Ponlop, Rebel Buddha


As of late, I’ve been very moved by the idea of the Undefended Heart and the role it plays in creating peace around me. Can I be that seemingly vulnerable? How can I not, when so much is riding on that state of being? This is sticky territory for me as I’ve spent most of my life in and out of the defended heart. I was never really sure what “wide open” could feel like, look like, or how it would express itself. I realize now, I was missing much in the “connecting, truly connecting” arena. I am pondering where this will take me, opening my heart wide and more than that, I’m driven in spite of my ingrained fear, to push on. I’m willing to create my life more open, more transparent, meeting people in their Spirit places,in the heart. It’s all about the heart.. It always has been and appears, that it always will be.


Everything in our body was created from the heart. Everything, which means also your brain.. who could believe it.. We are heart centered beings.. we’ve been led astray by well meaning scientists that our mind controlled it all. The newest science debunks that. There is much to read about that and also, seeing the film, The Living Matrix is illuminating in many ways around what is possible with our heart leading our mind.


I’m now offering shamanic journey classes on the Undefended Heart, where we come together to journey as a group for our personal knowing and expansion of living with an undefended heart. This is a big, vulnerable exploration that takes courage and insight and great willingness and I feel honored to be part of a group of “spiritual beings having a human experience” doing this work.

I invite you to join us if you live n Austin and who knows if enough people are interested, we could teleconference this class as well.

The world as you know it is changing dramatically, Even if you did not take the Red pill (the Matrix) you’ll be seeing changes. It’s inevitable. The one buffer for fending off the uncomfortable feelings is to go into your Heart. As you lift your consciousness through your heart, you’re assisting others in a wonderful, positive way.

So open your heart, examine what’s in there, get rid of whatever no longer serves you. Embrace the beauty that lies in your gorgeous amazing Heart. Create Happiness.. You can do it..

Many blessings to all of you. I’d love to hear how your journeys went..



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