Basic Shamanic Journey Workshop
This workshop is about learning the basic Shamanic Journey method, upper and lower world journeys, connecting with teachers in animal form and teachers in human form to help you gather information and to do healing work on yourself and others. You will also learn a divination technique.
This is a 2 day workshop with lots of journey practice.

“Shoshana, I want to share with you my thoughts about our journey. I found it to be enlightening and joyful. The information and the tools we gathered continue to extend my experience. I was amazed that it was both magical and grounding at the same time. Since our group session, I feel closer and happier in my relationships with my coworkers. The journey brought us all closer to our humanity. To have a shared vision of the clinic has put our work into a more progressive prospective. Not only did we as individuals and a group benefit, but more importantly the clients benefit from our time spent with you.

Thank you so much and I look forward to continuing this journey with you.”
Sincerely, Royal E.

Shamanic Animal Communication Workshop
with Shoshana Avree and Spirits
This workshop is about working with specific power animals in the lower and middle world to help you with pets, clients and animals in general. I will be teaching the basic Shamanic Journey with an emphasis on Animal Communication. These journeys will focus on gathering information and healing work for the animals in your life. The workshop is 2 days filled with many journeys for practice, healing and fun.

Advanced Workshops
These workshops have the prerequisite of the Basic Journey workshop and experience with your teachers and power animals.

Advanced Shamanic Animal Communication Workshop
This workshop will deal with Extraction and Psycho-pomp work.
We will be journeying to the lower and upper worlds to work with Power Animals and Teachers in getting information and healing for the animals in your life. This is a 2 day workshop.

Death and Dying Workshop
This is a 2 day intense workshop around the central theme of Death and Dying. This workshop is great for anyone pondering Death on many levels as well as those who work with the Dying. Often profound and life changing journeys to experience.


Immerse yourself for 6 sessions spanning 3 years in a Spirit-filled expanding program dedicated to pushing your envelope of Self, finding more beauty, peace, healing and an ability to heal others if so dedicated.

Join Shoshana in her apprenticeship program of Advanced Shamanism.

Each journey-filled session is created by Spirit to build on one another, bringing you to a magnificent place of being in yourself in the human experience.

We will travel the “Worlds” together creating community with each other, heal the Earth, explore our Souls in the company of Spirit Teachers in human and animal form.

We will meet every 6 months for 3 years in a residential setting allowing us to bond, do healing work and immerse in the Spirit World.

This program is for dedicated students of shamanism, those willing to have initiations by Spirit to grow and bloom as a human being and live your potential as well as help the planet and your family.

Shoshana is a very dedicated teacher, devoted to the spirits in creating a safe and amazing space for your growth and shamanic initiations. We will experience the teachings of the indigenous peoples from around the world offering a very eclectic study program.

There will be homework and local gatherings between sessions.

This program requires the student have a working relationship with their Spirit Teachers in human and animal form.

To get started please send a letter telling me why you’d like to join this program.

The Apprenticeship is a closed program once we start no one else can join so the commitment is for all 6 sessions. Dates are to be determined.

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