Ancient Grandmothers Speaking Oct. 9, 08

Ancient Grandmothers Speaking Oct. 9, 08
September 16, 2015 shamanadmin

Hello Everyone,
There is so much good information out there now in these times of illusionary difficulty. I decided to ask my Ancient Grandmothers for some advice for all of us and here is their message:
“The Light will prevail as it’s the overwhelming desire of most everyone. It’s in their DNA to exist and be happy. It’s set deep within.. starting to vibrate when thinking joyous thoughts.. this sets the DNA into action, spreading throughout the consciousness creating endless links to one another’s heart chakras raising every one’s vibration ..
While it would be helpful for as many people as possible to start activating in this way. It’s happening.. As one person starts it will set a spark that will light other fires within each other to help the cells remember to turn on and accept this joy that is theirs to share and raise the vibration of the planet.. so start reaching for that place in you that you can visualize as a spark of joy, bliss, happiness.. Any way you can picture or feel it.. Dive in there for as long as you can, opening those synapses to more and more and know that you are making a difference in humanity… you are helping everyone .Try to do this daily and imagine the changes.
Encourage your friends and loved ones to do this as well.
Know we are all from the same flame while here. The human flame of existence dressed in beauty, magic and knowledge.. ancient knowledge in our DNA wanting to be unlocked and opened to more light and love.. Sit in the Bliss, Love and Gratitude and Heal.
See your guardian angels placing gems in your chakras to power you up.. feel what that is empowered by love and light.. sit with it and then share it
See that light and love going out of your chakras into the web of life.. surrounding the planet and back again.. feed this web and nourish yourself from this place as well.. It’s for you..
Be One with the Web of Life.

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