Fall Season

Fall Season
September 26, 2016 shamanadmin
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A Message from The Galactic Tree, The Tree of Conscious Creation.


the theme is the Fall season:


Fall is a time of slow death. What I mean by death is rather transformation of the wild summer mind, to go within and slow everything down. The leaves have realized their peak time of life and are now transforming their beauty of life affirming green to orange, red then brown, exploding the last days of their essence to now join the Earth, giving life as compost to nourish the next generation of leaves.

For humans, transformation takes place differently. Fall is a great time to self affirm your own life in many different ways, being mindful for one. You have more time for that. Make room in your consciousness by choosing to be in the Moment. Celebrate the miracle of the Moment.  All your moments add up to a life lived in a creation of your choosing.

As the leaves fall to compost, take stock of what you can let drop away, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Let those things go to compost, to be transformed into life giving energy for a new kind of beauty.

As life quickens, we’re stepping up to new levels of awareness; something must fall away, usually something that no longer serves the Highest Good. As the tree freely gives it’s leaves for transformation, take time to go into your heart, feel through all your feelings and bravely and happily release all that no longer serves. Afterwards look to the sky to fill you with loving kindness.

These times are for the brave of heart. How much can you feel, express and raise your consciousness by feeling higher and higher vibrations? Embrace and share your loving heart with others… Live in the place of gratitude and joy. It is as much your life’s blood as the sap is to the tree.

Life now is all about Heart.. maple syrup comes from the heart and veins of the Maple tree, sweet and delicious. Why not bathe your heart in loving feelings. This bath will change your life in any season.


The Galactic Tree describes himself in this manner: He is a manifestation of the consciousness for me to understand my own creation.  We are All There Is and the tree is a place of connection to your true spirituality and the world of spirit. He is a portal way to infinite dimensions, lifetimes and experiences.


Shoshana Avree, B.A., LMT, has been practicing shamanism for over 25 years. She teaches the Harner method of journeying, has completed most all of the courses in the Foundation as well as Michael Harner’s 3 year program in advanced shamanism. Her passion is assisting others in finding their way home to themselves through Spirit. Shoshana is available for private sessions as well as workshops. Please enjoy her website at www.shaman-inspirit.com.