Healing Sessions

Individual Shamanic Work I offer through the Spirits

Individual Healing work– consisting but not limited to, Divination, Power Animal retrieval, Extraction and help connecting the client to their Highest Self or True Nature, allowing them to solve their own issues from place of love and acceptance.

I work one on one with the client guided by my ancient grandmothers in varying capacities during the session which might include hands on body work to open blockages and using the guidance by the ancient ones to guide the session.

Investment $120 per hour.

I am now doing Shamanic Journeys for pets. I have found that it often takes a few sessions to make some progress. Hence i am am offering a three session package for $220, which includes the initial consultation and two followups.

Long Distance work by phone ($120 per hour) – I work with the spirits in a divination or information gathering way for advice around a particular issue or issues for resolution.

Using this method I’m also able to check on deceased family members and friends, helping in their transition to the other side.

House Clearings and Blessings ($100) – I love to bless new surroundings and I also work with the Spirits to clear unwanted spirits in your home, office and on your land. I can also remotely clear and bless your house.

“ I was very impressed with Shoshana’s clarity, straight forward approach and humor in which she facilitated our office journey” -Deborah

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