img-1Mission Statement of In Spirit My mission is to help serve the Spirits in the most compassionate manner possible. My intention is to help others “wake up” to their lives through the work of the compassionate spirits showing the way of healing to the client. I believe my work is about “planting a seed, grows a thousand trees” of happiness, joy, bliss, healing and right action; helping to make our human condition more exquisite and life affirming. The flame in each of our souls shines brighter serving one another and the Mother (Earth and all it’s creatures).

Being as bright a flame as possible shines light farther than you know igniting other flames everywhere.

Shoshana Avree, B.A., L.M.T. is a woman of great passion for the compassionate spirits and loving guides in her life as well as having profound reverence for life all around her. She has been a shamanic practitioner for over 34 years along with being a massage therapist for over 24. Others say she is warm, nurturing, sincere, empathic, knowledgeable and very connected to “the spirits”…

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