The Fairy Congress: An Exquisite Visit with the Spirits of Nature

The Fairy Congress: An Exquisite Visit with the Spirits of Nature
September 16, 2015 shamanadmin
In Fairy Congress, Meet Shoshana
Shoshana at the Fairy Congress

Shoshana at the Fairy Congress

Last June, I spent 4 glorious days in a place “out of time” called Skalitude, which is 4 hours east of Seattle, nestled in the expanse of 120 acres of beautiful green valley surrounded by gentle hills that are home to coyotes, wolves, cougars and occasionally cows. While Iʼve only seen cows I once heard some howling which immediately drew me into the natural world of Mother Earth on a dark starry night.

This place of tranquility is the home of the yearly pilgrimage to the Fairy Congress, where about 250 people from all walks of like and ages come to commune with the nature spirits. What I mean by commune is talking to trees, fairies, weather beings and the elements such as fire and earth. I can safely say this event is about communion and relationships. Often what Iʼve heard from skeptical participants is now theyʼre believers in everything having Spirit and desiring relationship with humans.

Iʼve always attended as a presenter, specifically one who shares Shamanism with those who show up at my workshops. Iʼve been practicing and teaching The Shamanic Journey for over 20 years and itʼs a pleasure to share this knowledge in this way to often first time journeyers.

I love this place and the people who are part of the counsel that organizes this amazing event yearly. I was privileged to be part of the counsel for a few years and itʼs like being at the Congress in mini sessions. The counsel asks the spirits what theyʼd like as a theme and defer to the fairies in many decisions.. We are the stewards of the weekend who hold the space for organic creation of the event during the year.

Iʼm always surprised at how many new people we get each year, who have been searching for a safe, open event to express and explore their connection to nature and all creationsʼ spiritual magnificence. They are in awe from the moment they arrive as the participants are greeted with open arms, warmth and fairy dust, just for fun.

The Fairy Congress has workshops all day that vary from herbal walks in nature; educating people to what grows around them to meeting weather beings who are interested in relationship and assistance in creating a happier planet.

Music is abounding all the time, from morning singing and dancing to start the day to evening shows, finding us wrapped in blankets to keep us warm in the chilly, lovely evening. The volunteer musicians have a light show and a colorful stage to perform. Everyone is invited to participate in some entertaining way. even the children. We now have a specific fun childrenʼs tent for craft projects, games and adventure that the parents volunteer shifts for, so everyone shares in nurturing the children.

The food is yummy mostly vegetarian and we all seem to eat like crazy here. Everyone is requested to bring a donation of organic food to the community kitchen where the cooks create wonders, which also brings me to the volunteer/barter aspect. The counsel offers barter/exchange of help for partial tuition.

The Fairy Congress has an ongoing tea kitchen often with tubs of peanut butter, honey and bread for snacks along with many varieties of tea and coffee. This is a great place to find new friends in the morning as you secure your hot drink of choice. One of the herbalists created Fairy tea which is delicious, just for the event.

People are smiling all the time and feel free to wear costumes as much as they wish. The whole place is like living art.

Saturday night we have our big parade with giant fabric flowers made form cloth and some from paper macheʼ that are at least 20 feet tall. The music starts amping up along with singing and dancing. Ceremony is performed with everyone participating in reverence to The Nature Spirits. Having fun, being creative and loving is the food of fairies so weʼre dedicated to that end all weekend. What could be better. During our parade a big bonfire is created for dancing and singing around as well as our running through the fields hugging each other ritual, not unlike Red Rover, Red Rover.

Iʼve hardly been anywhere a person can open their heart and mind like a child and enjoy the wonder of nature, all the bounty of the Spirits and learn something new as well as get readings, healing, and make sweet new friends in a safe, loving place and eat well.

Next year the dates are June 24-26, 2011. And there is only room for 250 people, and we always sell out.

Join us next year at. and bring your wings.

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